Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Over on Geekzone Mauricio has posted page speed info for his website.

Here is similar information for Radio New Zealand.

Average web page load time distribution in New Zealand:

All regions:

Slowest cities:

This is running on a server based at ICONZ running Rails 3.1.x.

The key thing we've done to make our site fast is reducing over-the-wire times by bundling assets, using compression where we can, and setting far-future headers for static content to ensure it can be cached somewhere else. The markup is also as clean as we can make it to ensure fast rendering.


ptinson said...

It would be interesting if you published the same stats as Mauricio.

Would RNZ consider posting these on an ongoing basis?

Richard Hulse said...

I posted them in a hurry, which is why there are not identical. If NZ sites are going to publish this data we should probably agree on a standard format.

I don't see any reason why we wouldn't publish this info from time-to-time. I've posted browser market share too, but been a bit busy to do that lately.